House Teague

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House Teague
House Teague.svg
Coat of arms A golden trident upright on black between two golden flanches
(Sable, between two flaunches a trident palewise or)
Head Extinct
Region Riverlands
Title King of the Rivers and the Hills
Founder Torrence Teague
Died out Battle of Six Kings

House Teague was a noble house from the riverlands who ruled as King of the Rivers and the Hills prior to Aegon's Conquest. They blazoned their arms with a golden trident upright on black between two golden flanches.[1]


About a century after the fall of House Justman, the adventurer Torrence Teague, a man of uncertain birth, raided the westerlands and used the gold to hire sellswords from Essos. After six years of fighting, Lord Torrence was crowned King of the Rivers and the Hills at Maidenpool.[2]

The river lords did not care for the Teagues, however, and the kings were forced to keep hostages from the great families at their court. Theo Teague, the fourth king from the dynasty, was known as Theo Saddle-sore because of his time on campaign against rebels.[2] According to a semi-canon source, the Teagues may not have had an uninterrupted rule, instead being contested by other river dynasties for generations.[3]

When King Humfrey I Teague began to repress worship of the old gods with the support of the Faith Militant, Houses Blackwood, Vance, and Tully rose in rebellion. Although the Teagues and their loyalist supporters came close to defeating the rebels, Lord Roderick Blackwood sought aid from the Storm King Arlan III Durrandon, with whom he was related by marriage. Humfrey, his three sons, and his brother were all slain in what became known as the Battle of Six Kings. Since Roderick was also killed in combat, Arlan decided to add the riverlands to the realm of the Storm Kings.[2]

Historical Members


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