Hollis Teague

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Hollis Teague
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Biographical Information
Full Name Hollis Teague
Other Titles King of the Rivers and the Hills
Died in , at Mother's Teats
Culture Rivermen
Royal House House Teague
Predecessor Humfrey II Teague
Heir Tyler Teague
Successor Tyler Teague
Father Humfrey I Teague
Books The World of Ice & Fire

Hollis Teague was one of the last monarchs of House Teague. He was the second son of Humfrey I Teague, who caused a massive uprising of Riverlords by attempting to suppress worship of the old gods. In the campaign's final battle, Humfrey I perished. The crown passed on to Hollis' elder brother, Humfrey, who was killed. Hollis picked up the crown and was also killed, passing the crown to his younger brother, Tyler, became king, only to be killed in turn. After Tyler's death, the princes' uncle, Damon also picked up the crown but was killed. Thus House Teague became extinct.[1]


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