Humfrey I Teague

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Humfrey I Teague
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Biographical Information
Full Name Humfrey I Teague
Other Titles King of the Rivers and the Hills
Died in , at Mother's Teats
Culture Rivermen
Royal House House Teague
Heir Humfrey II Teague
Successor Humfrey II Teague
Issue Humfrey II Teague
Hollis Teague
Tyler Teague
Books The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Humfrey I Teague was one of the last monarchs of House Teague to rule the Riverlands.


He a pious ruler who founded many septs and motherhouses; though he also attempted to supress worship of the Old Gods with the aid of the Faith Militant. This caused House Blackwood to rebel, along with House Tully, both branches of House Vance, House Bracken and House Smallwood. Though Humfrey and the Faith were nearly victorious, House Teague was ultimately defeated when House Durrandon came to aid the Blackwoods, as Lord Roderick Blackwood had marriage ties to them. King Humfrey perished in the campaign's final battle, in which his three sons and brother all perished, thus extinguishing House Teague.[1]


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