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A motherhouse is a monastic community of the Faith of the Seven for septas[1], silent sisters,[2] and novices[3] similar to a convent. The leader of the community bears the title of Mother. A similar community for men is called a septry.


Humfrey I Teague, King of the Rivers and the Hills, founded septs and motherhouses in the riverlands in his efforts to stamp out worship of the old gods.[4] Merle I Gardener, King of the Reach, encouraged construction of septries, septs and motherhouses in the Reach.[5]

Princess Rhaella Targaryen was a novice at the motherhouse attached the Starry Sept in Oldtown. Septa Karolyn prevented Ser Orryn Baratheon from absconding with the girl.[3]

Queen Elinor Costayne gave up all claims to nobility later in life, becoming Mother Elinor at the great motherhouse in Lannisport.[6]

In 54 AC Queen Alysanne Targaryen was hosted by silent sisters at their motherhouse in Oldtown for a day of prayer and contemplation.[2]

Maegelle Targaryen was a pious princess who became a septa. Her sister Saera, however, ran away from the Oldtown motherhouse in 85 AC while still a novice.[7]

During the Dance of the Dragons, Prince Aemond Targaryen used Vhagar to destroy the motherhouse at Bechester.[8]

Lady Jeyne Arryn died at the Motherhouse of Maris in Gulltown in 134 AC.[9]

The journey of King Baelor I Targaryen to Dorne is remembered in songs popularized by septries and motherhouses.[10]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

The great-aunt of Lady Ravella Smallwood is a septa at a motherhouse in Oldtown. Ravella sends her daughter, Carellen Smallwood, to the city for safety during the War of the Five Kings.[1]


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