Corwyn Corbray (lord)

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House Corbray.svg Lord
Corwyn Corbray
House Corbray.svg
Allegiance House Corbray
Race Andal
Culture Andal
Spouse Jon Brightstone's daughter[1]
Book The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Corwyn Corbray was an Andal knight during the Andal invasion of the Vale and the founder of House Corbray.[1]


During the Andal invasion, Dywen Shell and Jon Brightstone both claimed the title King of the Fingers, paying Andal warlords to cross the narrow sea to support their claim. Within a year, the Andal warlords turned against the First Men kings and both monarchs were dead.[1]

Ser Corwyn claimed the Fingers, taking Brightstone's daughter for his bride and Shell's wife for his bedwarmer. Unlike many of his fellow warlords, Corbray never named himself a king, instead preferring the more modest Lord of the Five Fingers.[1]


Last known title holder:
Jon Brightstone
Dywen Shell

as Kings of the Fingers
Lord of the Five Fingers Unknown
Next known title holder:
Qyle Corbray
as King of the Fingers