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King of the Fingers was a title held several ancient lords, proclaiming domain over a petty kingdom located on the Fingers, a set of narrow, barren, rainy peninsulas in the north-eastern part the Vale.


Since their arrival, the Fingers were held by the First Men. When the Andals launched their invasion of Westeros, they first landed on the Fingers. Before this invasion, two separate lords - First Men, who worshipped the Old Gods - laid claim to the title of King of the Fingers, namely Dwyen of House Shell and Jon of House Brightstone. Eager to oust their respective rivals, both petty kings employed an Andal warlord to aid them. This proved a poor choice, as each turned their sword on the would-be monarchs. Within a year, Jon Brightstone had been tortured and beheaded. Dywen Shell, on the other hand, was roasted alive within his wooden longhall.[1]

Jon Brightstone's daughter was taken as a bride by an Andal knight by the name of Corwyn Corbray - who also took Dywen Shell's wife as a bedwarmer. Seizing the lands, if not the title, Corwyn proclaimed himself "Lord of the Five Fingers" and establishing the reign of House Corbray. The title was at some point dropped and the Corbrays would style themselves King of the Fingers. A presumed descendant of his, Qyle Corbray was the first Andal lord of the Vale who fell against King Robar II Royce, who had proclaimed himself High King of the Vale, the Fingers, and the Mountains of the Moon and slew him after striking Lady Forlorn from his hands. King Qyle's descendants would later claim it was their kin, Ser Jaime Corbray, who in turn slew Robar II at the Battle of the Seven Stars.[1]

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