King of Astapor

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King of Astapor is the title held by the ruler of the city of Astapor after the ruling council left behind by Daenerys Targaryen.[1]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

Following the Sack of Astapor Daenerys Targaryen left behind a council of three men to rule the city. However, Cleon, a former slave, stirs up the people of Astapor, claiming that the council is attempting to reinstall the deposed Good Masters. With the backing of the people, Cleon executes the council members and installs himself as king. He also has the male children of the deposed Good Masters kidnapped and castrated to train them into new Unsullied.[1]

A Dance with Dragons

King Cleon is defeated at a battle at the Horns of Hazzat. He is forced to flee back to Astapor, with his faux Unsullied following him in retreat. [2]

Cleon is slain by his own men when he commands them to march out and attack the Yunkai'i. He is succeeded by a man calling himself Cleon the Second, who rules for a fortnight. Afterward two people claim the crown, Cleon the Second's concubine, dubbed Queen Whore, and Cleon the Second's killer, called King Cutthroat.[3]

On the wake of the Siege of Astapor, in which both Queen Whore and King Cutthroat are killed, there is no longer a monarch in the city.[4]