Aegon, Rhaenys, and Visenya (islands)

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The islands Aegon, Rhaenys, and Visenya are a small grouping of islands in the Sunset Sea that were discovered in 56 AC by Lady Alys Westhill. They are the most westerly lands ever discovered in the known world, even farther west than Lonely Light.[1]


The islands are located several weeks' travel away from Oldtown, slightly farther south than the latitude of the Summer Isles, and at a longitude farther west than even Lonely Light. The islands are very small, with a combined land area no larger than Dragonstone; the largest of the islands is no more than a third the size of Dragonstone itself. Alys Westhill described them as "a mountain attended by two hills".[1]

The islands are pleasant and bountiful. Springs and streams provide plentiful fresh water. The islands are uninhabited but for the wildlife, including wild pigs and huge, sluggish grey lizards as big as deer, whose bites can cause severe infections. The trees are heavy with edible nuts and fruits unknown in other lands.[1]


The three islands went, as far as is known, undiscovered by men for most of history, due to the fact that they are located far to the west across the open ocean, far away from any shipping lanes. In 56 AC, Lady Alys Westhill led an expedition on her ship, the Sun Chaser, accompanied by the ships Lady Meredith and Autumn Moon. The expedition stumbled onto the three islands by accident. The three ships had been caught in a devastating storm that sank Autumn Moon, while blowing Sun Chaser farther west. There, after the storm had passed, the crew spotted shore birds and followed them to land. Sun Chaser recovered the badly damaged Lady Meredith and brought her to the islands, where they remained for a fortnight making repairs and restocking their provisions. As the islands are on no known chart and there were three of them, Lady Alys Westhill named the islands Aegon, Rhaenys, and Visenya, after the Conqueror and his two queens.[1]


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