Autumn Moon

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Autumn Moon was a Hightower ship captained by Ser Norman Hightower.[1]


When Elissa Farman, using the name Alys Westhill, sailed from Oldtown on Sun Chaser to explore the Sunset Sea in 56 AC, she was joined by Ser Norman Hightower on Autumn Moon and his brother, Ser Eustace, on Lady Meredith.[1]

During their journey, however, they discovered that twelve casks of meat on Autumn Moon were contaminated by maggots. Three fierce storms then struck the voyagers, with a bolt of lightning splitting Autumn Moon's mast during the third storm. A large wave sank the foundering Autumn Moon, although crew on Lady Meredith claimed that Norman's ship was brought down by a kraken.[2]


To a man, they were convinced they had seen a giant kraken pull Autumn Moon beneath the sea.[2]


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