Gulf of Grief

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Gulf of Grief is located in Slaver's Bay
Gulf of Grief
Slaver's Bay and the location of the Gulf of Grief

The Gulf of Grief is a large gulf that is fed by Slaver's Bay off the southern coast of Essos and in turn empties into the Summer Sea to the south. The Isle of Cedars is located between the gulf and the bay.

Along the Gulf of Grief's western shore are the Lands of the Long Summer, the Smoking Sea, and the remnants of the Valyrian peninsula. Along its eastern shore is Ghiscar with the ruined city of Old Ghis. The Ghiscari Strait separates Ghiscar from Ghaen and the island city of New Ghis.[1]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

The Selaesori Qhoran is becalmed in the Gulf of Grief.[2] Victarion Greyjoy leads the Iron Fleet to the Isle of Cedars.[3]