Baldric I Durrandon

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House Baratheon.svg King
Baldric I Durrandon
the Cunning
House Baratheon.svg
Reign During the Andal Invasion
Full name Baldric of House Durrandon, First of his Name
Title Storm King
Personal Information
Alias Baldric the Cunning
Culture First Men
Dynasty House Durrandon
Book The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Baldric I Durrandon, known as Baldric the Cunning, was a Storm King of the stormlands from House Durrandon.[1]


During the Andal invasion of the stormlands, the Andals conquered part of Cape Wrath. To prevent them from conquering all of the rainwood, Baldric I manipulated the petty Andal kings and warlords into attacking each other.[2]

Behind the Scenes

Baldric may be a reference by George R. R. Martin to the character of Baldrick from Blackadder. One of Baldrick's catchphrases is "I have a cunning plan", the irony being Baldrick's plans are rarely cunning.


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