Byam Flint

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None.svg Ser
Byam Flint
Night's Watch.svg
Title Ser
Culture Northmen
Died In 299 ACCraster's Keep
Book A Storm of Swords (appears)

Byam Flint is a knight from House Flint and a brother of the Night's Watch. It is unknown from which branch of House Flint he comes from.[N 1] He is stationed at the Shadow Tower.[1]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

Ser Byam participates in the great ranging under the command of Lord Commander Jeor Mormont which goes in search of Benjen Stark and Mance Rayder.[1]

The men of the Night's Watch make their stand at the Fist of the First Men, but they are attacked by wights. They retreat to Craster's Keep, but many are wounded. Among them is Byam, who has a wound at the shoulder.[2]

The men are hungry and accuse Craster of keeping food from them. Craster reaches for his dagger but is killed by Dirk. Dying, Craster falls on Byam. It is not known what happens to Byam during the ensuing mutiny at Craster's Keep, but afterwards Samwell Tarly notices that Byam does not moan anymore.[2]


  1. Byam is a knight from the north, therefore it is likely he is a member of House Flint of Widow's Watch, which is the closest branch of House Flint to White Harbor, a city known for respecting the andal tradition of knighthood.