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Top category. All other categories/pages should go in subcategories, not here. Also, this should be the only category listed on the Uncategorized Categories Special Page.

It contains:

  • Content - Includes all content articles and their categories.
  • Editing Resources - Includes Help, Administrative and Maintenance resources for the editors, no main space articles should be filed here.
  • Images - All uploaded images should be in this category or a subcategory thereof.
  • Portal - Includes the Main page, Portals and included pages(like quote of the day).
  • Users - optional "community" category.


This category has the following 5 subcategories, out of 5 total.




  • Images(5 C, 1 P, 8 F)



  • Users(3 C, 43 P)

Pages in category "Main"

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