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Dragon Lore - by Tiziano Baracchi. © Fantasy Flight Games

Dragonlore refers to folklore about dragons, including legends, oral history, fairy tales, and stories.[1]

When asked in what place, if any, there has been an accumulation of dragonlore George R. R. Martin replied, '"Valyria, the Citadel, Dragonstone, probably some of the Free Cities as well. Maybe Asshai in the far east."[2]


King Aegon V Targaryen wished to restore dragons to the Seven Kingdoms. The last years of his reign were consumed by a search for ancient lore about the dragon breeding of Valyria, and it was said that Aegon commissioned journeys to places as far away as Asshai with the hopes of finding texts and knowledge that had not been preserved in Westeros.[3]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Aboard the Shy Maid, Griff commands Tyrion Lannister to write down all he knows about dragons.[1]