Durran Durrandon (The Third)

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House Baratheon.svg King
Durran Durrandon
the Third
House Baratheon.svg
Reign Around 700 BC
Full name Durran Durrandon
Title Storm King
Personal Information
Alias Durran the Third
Dynasty House Durrandon
Book The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Durran Durrandon, also known as Durran the Third,[N 1] was a Storm King of House Durrandon.


Durran attempted two invasions of Dorne, but was thrown back by Princess Nymeria.[1]


  1. He was not Durran III Durrandon, since King Durran XXI Durrandon, who fought against the Andal Invasion, lived before his time. See Timeline Errors: Durran the Third.


  1. The World of Ice & Fire, Ancient History: Ten Thousand Ships.