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This article contains a summary of an article that features on the main page. The text of the article is static; it is a copied part of the complete article. Currently (August 18, 2017) we have 55 feature articles (see the template page. The code below the lines calls this template in way that it shows every day a different article from the collection of feature articles. To add an article there should first be consensus about it. After that create a summary for it on a separate article with the name Feature article/<number of article>. Then change the number right after the word "mod". This should be the number of feature articles we have.

Current featured article

Stannis and Renly Baratheon during their parlay, with a peach in Renly's hand

During the War of the Five Kings, Lord Stannis Baratheon of Dragonstone proclaims his claim to the Iron Throne. However, he lacks the strength, as his younger brother Renly has also proclaimed himself to be king, and has gained the loyalty of the men of the stormlands and the Reach. Believing that the lords of the stormlands owe him loyalty, Stannis sails with all his strength to his parental seat and besieges Storm's End.

Renly has gathered his huge army at Bitterbridge. Upon learning of Stannis's move, he splits his army and rides with some twenty thousand cavalry to Storm's End to break the siege. With Lady Catelyn Stark in attendance, Renly and Stannis meet for a parlay, during which Renly offers Stannis a peach. Unable to set aside their differences and unable to yield, Renly and Stannis agree that a battle is set to start at dawn the next day. However, a shadow assassin summoned by Melisandre causes sufficient chaos in Renly's camp. With Renly to lead them, the majority of the host that had accompanied him to Storm's End swears their allegiance to Stannis, although a fifth of Renly's knights returns to Bitterbridge with Ser Loras Tyrell. Storm's End's castellan, Ser Cortnay Penrose, refuses to yield the castle to Stannis, and the siege carries on. Read more...