Fire & Blood, Being a History of the Targaryen Kings of Westeros

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Fire & Blood, Being a History of the Targaryen Kings of Westeros is an uncompleted history of House Targaryen written by Archmaester Gyldayn in the late third century AC.[1][2]


Only the first volume of Gyldayn's work is known to have been completed, covering the reigns of the Targaryen kings from Aegon I to the regency of Aegon III Targaryen.[1] The book incorporates the contents of several of the archmaester's earlier works with only minor amendments, such as The Princess and the Queen,[3][4][5] The Rogue Prince,[6][7] and The Sons of the Dragon.[8][9]

In the original texts, after completing the first chapter, covering Aegon's Conquest, Archmaester Gyldayn sent a copy to Archmaester Gerold, perhaps for his commentary and approval. However, this manuscript was lost until Maester Yandel discovered it along with other fragments written by Gyldayn among Gerold's papers.[1] Yandel included this chapter into his work The World of Ice & Fire, in which he wrote that he hoped the rest of Gyldayn's masterwork would one day be discovered.[1][10] Yandel's usage of Gyldayn's text was done with the latter's blessing.[2]

Behind the Scenes

George R. R. Martin, the real life author of the fictional texts, decided to let Gyldayn live into Robert I Baratheon's reign, so his history book could cover the entire Targaryen dynasty.[11] Hence in the latest prints, Gyldayn shared his uncompleted work with Archmaester Perestan, who then informed Yandel. Gyldayn was persuaded by Yandel to permit the use of passages from Gyldayn's work in Yandel's book.[2]


The history of the Conquest is as complete as any, and that is why I have placed it here, so that—at last—more eyes than mine and the late Archmaester Gerold's may appreciate and learn from it.[1]

—writings of Yandel


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