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The Foghouse is a winesink located in Braavos. It is located beneath the second arch of Nabbo's Bridge.[1] It is a small, cramped, dirty establishment with barely enough space to fit ten people.

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Samwell Tarly unsuccessfully searches for Dareon at the Foghouse. Outside he sees several serpent boats tied up awaiting patrons. Sam tries to ask the polemen if they had seen a singer dressed all in black but none of them appear to understand his High Valyrian - Sam thinks to himself it is either that or they did not choose to understand him.[2]

A Dance with Dragons

The Blind Girl has begged at the Foghouse. She recalls that it is always crowded with polemen off the serpent boats, arguing about gods and courtesans and whether or not the Sealord was a fool.[3]


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