Gwayne V Gardener

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House Gardener.svg King
Gwayne V Gardener
House Gardener.svg
Reign Andal Invasion
Full name Gwayne of House Gardener, the Fifth of His Name
Predecessor Merle I Gardener
Personal Information
Culture Andal
Dynasty House Gardener
Father Merle I Gardener
Book The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Gwayne V Gardener was a King of the Reach and head of House Gardener. Along with his grandfather and father, he is remembered as one of the Three Sage Kings who dealt with the Andal invasion of the Reach with a policy of accord and assimilation rather then armed resistance.[1]


Gwayne was wise and cunning.[1]


Whereas his father converted to the Faith of the Seven, Gwayne V was the first Gardener born into the new Faith, as well as the first to be made a knight.[1]

Like his father, he took an Andal maiden to wife as a means of binding the bride's father to the realm.[1] He also took Andals into his service as retainers and household knights, among them Ser Alester Tyrell, whose prowess at arms was such that he was made the king's champion and sworn shield.[2]

Gwayne bequeathed lands and wives and lordships for the more powerful of the Andal kings and other Andal adventurers descending on the Reach in exchange for pledges of fealty.[1]

Like his grandfather and father, Gwayne V likewise sought after Andal craftsmen, especially blacksmiths and stonemasons, to settle throughout the Reach, supplying him and his bannermen with iron instead of bronze and strengthening their castles and holdfasts with Andal masonry.[1]


They gave us seven gods, we gave them dirt and daughters, and our sons and grandsons shall be as brothers.[1]

—Gwayne V Gardener on the Andals


Garth IX
First Men
Merle I
Gwayne V


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Preceded by King of the Reach Unknown