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The Herons are the slave soldiers of Paezhar zo Myraq, called the "Little Pigeon", one of the Wise Masters of Yunkai. They are bred by Paezhar, who buys tall slaves from all over the world, mates them, and keeps their tallest offspring for the Herons.[1]


Herons stand from seven to nearly eight feet tall. They are long-faced and long-legged.[1]


Herons wear stilts built into the legs of their ornate armor, which makes them stand taller still. They wear pink-enameled scales on their torsos. Their helms are elongated, with pointed steel beaks and crests of bobbing pink feathers.[1]

They are armed with long curved swords, and spears as tall as them, with a leaf-shaped blade at both ends.[1]

Recent events

A Dance with Dragons

Herons are employed in the Siege of Astapor, and in the Second Siege of Meereen.[1]


A fearsome lot. Nothing scares me worse than stilt-walkers in pink scales and feathers. If one was after me, I'd laugh so hard my bladder might let go.[1]

One day he hopes to be able to dispense with the stilts.[1]