Jar Har

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Jar Har
Biographical Information
Full Name Jar Har, sixth sea-green emperor
Titles God-Emperor
Culture Yi Ti
Royal House Sea-green emperors
Heir Jar Joq
Successor Jar Joq
Issue Jar Joq
Jar Han
Books The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Jar Har was a God-Emperor of the Golden Empire of Yi Ti and the sixth member of his dynasty. Under his rule, the Golden Empire began the apex of its power with the conquest of Leng. He had at least two sons: Jar Joq, his successor, and Jar Han.[1]

The periodic slaughter of foreigners on Leng was ended by Jar Har. He also sent warriors to the subterranean ruins of Leng, though they returned mad, or not at all. Thus he finally decreed the vast underground ruins of the island should be sealed up and forgotten and entering such places be punished with torture and death.[2]


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