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Lymond is a male name in Westeros. It may refer to the following characters:

  • Lymond Fisher, a knight who claimed the title of river king or King of the Trident.
  • Lymond Goodbrook, the head of House Goodbrook and a good friend of Lord Edmure Tully.
  • Lymond Hightower, known as The Sea Lion. He was the last of the independent Hightower kings to rule over Oldtown.
  • Lymond Lychester, the Lord of Castle Lychester and the head of House Lychester.
  • Lymond Lynderly, a knight of House Lynderly.
  • Lymond Mallister, the Lord of Seagard and head of House Mallister during the reign of Viserys I Targaryen.
  • Lymond Pease, a serjeant in the Golden Company.
  • Lymond Vikary, a landed knight and the head of House Vikary.

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