Maester (mule)

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Dunk, Egg, and Maester.jpg
Dunk, Egg, and Maester, by like-a-pimp-with-mjolnir ©

Owner Duncan the Tall
Species Mule
Gender Male

Maester is a mule, owned by Ser Duncan the Tall. The mule was a gift from the brother[N 1] of Dunk's squire, Egg.[1]


Duncan's old stot, Chestnut, died in Dorne, during the desert crossing between the Prince's Pass and Vaith. As Chestnut had been Egg's steed, he and Dunk had to ride double on Thunder, as they had no other horses at the time. Eventually, Egg's brother, Prince Aemon Targaryen,[N 1] a student at the Citadel in Oldtown, gave them a mule, named Maester.[1]

Egg rode Maester when they traveled, and the mule also carried their equipment and purchases, such as wine casks.[1]

In 211 AC, after Ser Duncan did a service for Lady Rohanne Webber, she intended to pay him back with a gift of a horse. Although Dunk rejected her gift of Flame, he discovered that Egg was riding a new palfrey,[1] named Rain.[2] Afterwards, the mule was mainly used as a pack animal, carrying Duncan's equipment.[2]

In 212 AC, when Duncan lost a tilt at the Whitewalls tourney to Ser Uthor Underleaf, and could not afford to pay the ransom for his horse and armor, Egg suggested that Dunk could ride Rain, and he would go back to riding Maester. However, Dunk rejected the idea, as that would mean returning in shame to Egg's father, Prince Maekar Targaryen, at Summerhall.[2]


  1. 1.0 1.1 The mule was almost certainly given by Prince Aemon, as its name is Maester, and no mention is made of Egg encountering any of his other brothers after the Ashford Tourney, whereas The Sworn Sword states that he and Dunk met Aemon in Oldtown, after they left Dorne.[1]