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Thunder and Dunk, by Mike S. Miller and Anders Finer ©

Species Horse

Thunder was Ser Duncan the Tall's old warhorse, originally owned by Ser Arlan of Pennytree.[1]

Appearance and Character

Thunder was a big brown stallion, a destrier only ridden in tourney or battle.[1][2] With age he lost some swiftness and strength but his bright eye and fierce spirit remained.[1] Thunder does not appreciate being ridden during hot days.[3]

Thunder was larger than Ser Lucas Inchfield's chestnut courser,[2] and three hands smaller and two stones lighter than Ser Tommard Heddle's horse.[3]


When Arlan died in 209 AC, Duncan took ownership of Thunder along with those of Arlan's palfrey, Sweetfoot, and his stot, Chestnut. Duncan first met Aegon Targaryen when the boy was mounted on Thunder. Duncan rode Thunder during his trial of seven at Ashford.[1]

After the death of Chestnut in the sands of Dorne, Duncan began to ride Thunder outside of tourneys as well.[2]

Ser Lucas Inchfield struck a glancing blow along Thunder's neck with his poleaxe during his fight against Duncan at the Chequy Water. Thunder screamed and reared up on two legs and ended up on top of Lucas's courser which caused both ridders to fall from their horses into the stream.[2]

Duncan entered the lists of the wedding tourney at Whitewalls in 212 AC but lost to Ser Uthor Underleaf in the first tilt. Duncan ransomed Thunder from Uthor with gold loaned by Lord Brynden Rivers.[3]