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Title(s) Septa
Allegiance Faith of the Seven
House Targaryen
Died In 54 AC, at Dragonstone
Book(s) Fire & Blood (mentioned)

Maryam was a septa at Dragonstone as a member of Rhaena Targaryen's household.[1]


Septa Maryam was one of Rhaena's newer companions in 54 AC. She was considered young.[1]

Maryam died at the end of 54 AC. At first, it was thought she had died of an illness. Later, it was revealed that she had been poisoned by Androw Farman using the tears of Lys, who was jealous of Rhaena's friendships with her ladies.[1]

Rhaena much lamented her death, and Septa Edyth was sent to Dragonstone in her place.[1]


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