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N'ghai is a small kingdom in the Further East of Essos.


N'ghai is located between the Plains of the Jogos Nhai to the south west and the forests of Mossovy to the east. The kingdom's only remaining city, Nefer, is located at the mouth of a river which ends in the Shivering Sea. North of N'ghai are the Thousand Islands, while to the southeast are the Bleeding Sea and the Cannibal Sands.[1] N'ghai is inhabited by a people kin to the nomadic Jogos Nhai.[2]


Corlys Velaryon was the first Westerosi to reach the shores of N'ghai,[2] and he is known to have visited Nefer.[3]

The constant raids and attacks from the Jogos Nhai against N'ghai have greatly reduced the kingdom, to the point that its sole remaining city is Nefer.[4]