Bleeding Sea

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Bleeding Sea is located in The Known World
Bleeding Sea
The known world and the location of the Bleeding Sea

The Bleeding Sea is a large inland sea in eastern Essos. It is named for its blood-red waters, which are caused by a blooming plant.[1][2]


The Bleeding Sea lies along the southeastern border of the plains of the Jogos Nhai and south of N'Ghai. There is a small island in the northern part of the sea. Roughly five rivers connect to the Bleeding Sea; one runs south through to Jinqi and the Jade Sea. Just south of the Bleeding Sea is a marshy region.[3]

To the east of the Bleeding Sea is the Shrinking Sea, and beyond that the Land of the Shrykes and the city of K'Dath. The Five Forts stretch along the southeastern tip of the sea, while the Cannibal Sands lie at the northwestern edge of the sea.[3]


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