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The Purple Harbor is a harbor in Braavos, located west of the Sealord's Palace in the north of the Free City's lagoon.[1][2]


The Purple Harbor serves only Braavosi ships, such as local merchants and the Iron Bank.[3] The Purple Harbor is richer, nicer, and cleaner than the Ragman's Harbor in the west of the city,[4] which is where ships from other Free Cities and the rest of the Known World must berth.[5]

The best alehouses, inns, and brothels lie near the Purple Harbor or the Moon Pool near the Sealord's Palace.[5] The streets that front on the Purple Harbor are cobbled.[6] The Blue Lantern and the Dome are located in fashionable districts near the waterfront.[1][7]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Every morning Brea wheels her wheelbarrow to the Purple Harbor to sell to Braavosi sailors whose ships anchor there.[4] One time, when Brea had to take to her bed with her moon blood, Cat of the Canals pushed her barrow to the Purple Harbor to sell crabs and prawns to oarsmen of Sealord Ferrego Antaryon's pleasure barge, which is covered stern to stern in laughing faces.[4]

A Dance with Dragons

Arya Stark gets her first look at the man she has to kill as she wheels her barrow through the cobbled streets that front on the Purple Harbor.[6] He is an old man who spends his days sitting in a soup shop near the Purple Harbor. After she assassinates the man the city watch is looking for a certain ugly girl known to frequent the Purple Harbor.[6]

The Winds of Winter

Mercy recalls that on a clear day from the top of the span the Bridge of Eyes she can look through the arches and see all the city, including the masts rising like a forest from the Purple Harbor.[7]


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