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Allegiance Pynto's
Culture Braavosi
Book A Dance with Dragons (appears)

Pynto is the innkeep of a tavern in Braavos.

Appearance and Character

Pynto never changes his clothes or washes his hair. He is loud and smelly but he also has a soft heart under all his unwashed clothes and bluster. To hear him tell it in his younger days Pynto had been the most notorious pirate on the Stepstones; he loves nothing better than to speak at great length about his exploits.[1]

Pyntos keeps many cats at his tavern, believing they are good luck and keep his establishment free of vermin.[1]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

When Arya Stark, in the guise of the blind girl ‘Blind Beth', enters Pynto's it is a good night for her. Pynto gives her a cup of watered wine, a chunk of stinky cheese, and half an eel pie. He then settles down to tell her of the time he seized the spice ship, a tale she has heard a dozen times before. After an hour passes he is soon too busy to pay her any mind and she eavesdrops on the talk of the tavern's patrons. Later she goes to tell the kindly man what she has overheard.[1]


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