Ralf the Limper

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Ralf the Limper
Title Captain of the Lord Quellon
Culture ironborn

Ralf the Limper is an ironborn raider and is the captain of the Lord Quellon.[1]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Ralf is one of the captains under the command of Lord Victarion Greyjoy at Moat Cailin. He urges Victarion to stake a claim on the Seastone Chair.[2]

During the kingsmoot, Eldred Codd's severed finger end up in Ralf's drink.[2] Ralf is one of Victarion's champions at Old Wyk.[3]

After the taking of the Shields, Victarion sits beside Hotho Harlaw and Ralf at the feast held in the hall of Lord Humfrey Hewett's castle. While eating Ralf and Hotho inform Victarion of the news being passed around the tables. Ralf is one of those who shout down King Euron Greyjoy's plans to sail to Slaver's Bay.[1]

A Dance with Dragons

Victarion give Ralf the Limper command of the larger, heavier, slower ships of the Iron Fleet. They make for Lys, to sell captives taken on the Shield Islands, the women and children of Lord Hewett's Town and other islands, along with men who decided they would sooner yield than die. The coin is used to load the big ships with provisions for the long, slow middle passage east.[4]

Only fourteen ships of Ralf the Limper's squadron join up with the rest of the Iron Fleet at the southern tip of the Isle of Cedars. They were damaged by three big storms, red winds out of Valyria that smelled of ash and brimstone, and black winds that drove them toward that blighted shore. When Ralf suggests that the Iron Fleet is on a cursed voyage, Victarion slaps him twice and threatens to nail his tongue to the mast.[4]


This voyage was cursed from the first. The Crow’s Eye fears you, my lord, why else send you so far away? He does not mean for us to return.[4]


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