Silver Denys

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Silver Denys
Silver Denys.jpg
The death of Silver Denys

Allegiance Blacks
Race Valyrian
Culture Crownlands
Died In 129 ACDragonstone[1]
Issue Sons[1]

Played by Robert Rhodes
TV series House of the Dragon: Season 2

Silver Denys was a man living on Dragonstone at the outset of the Dance of the Dragons.

In the television adaptation House of the Dragon, he is portrayed by Robert Rhodes.[2]

Appearance and Character

Silver Denys claimed to be descended from a bastard son of King Maegor I Targaryen.[N 1]

While none denied that Silver Denys had Valyrian blood due to his silver hair and purple eyes,[1] his claim of being a descendant of Maegor is called into doubt as the king was infamously unable to produce a living heir, despite marrying multiple fertile women.[3] It is possible that Denys's bloodline come from a different Valyrian.


When Prince Jacaerys Velaryon called for dragonriders, Denys had his arm ripped off in his attempt to mount Sheepstealer. While his sons were trying to staunch the wound, the Cannibal descended on them and devoured Denys along with his sons.[1]


It is possible that Denys is a descendant of the red-headed man-at-arms who declared to be Maegor the Cruel's natural son during the Great Council of 101 AC. However, it seems that the two characters are unrelated, since their hair colors don't match, the man-at arms is not introduced as a potential seed from Dragonstone, and in The Princess and the Queen Denys asserted to be himself a bastard son of Maegor, a claim later fixed in Fire & Blood.[4]


  1. In The Princess and the Queen, Silver Denys claims "to be a bastard son of King Maegor the Cruel". This was later changed into "to be descended from a bastard son of Maegor the Cruel" in Fire & Blood. George R. R. Martin most likely made this change to better fit the timeline as Maegor died eighty-one years before the Dance.


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