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Eddard says that Gowen was the third-born to the reigning Lord of Storm's End around 90 years.

We do not know who the Lord of Storms End was in 208AC, but we know Lyonel Baratheon was made Lord sometime in the reign of Aegon V, so that would make Lyonel and Gowen brothers.

It makes it likely, but not necessarily. We know that in 200 AC, Lord Baratheon celebrated the birth of a grandson.. Either Gowen was his son, or his grandson, it would appear. Yet we don't know if Lyonel was this Lords son or grandson.. It could be the case that Lord Baratheon had two sons, and that the first son was Lyonel's father, and the second son the father of Gowen and two others. Or Lyonel was this Lords son, and Gowen a grandson, or the other way around.. There are too many possibilities left to say with certainty that Gowen and Lyonel were brothers.--Rhaenys_Targaryen 21:53, 4 March 2015 (UTC)