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This article currently covers two separate events, the battle outside of Winterfell when Ramsay betrays Rodrik and the sack afterward when Ramsay betrays Theon inside Winterfell (A Clash of Kings-Chapter 66). Theon's capture of Winterfell (A Clash of Kings-Chapter 46) is currently at "Battle of Winterfell", but that should be moved to a more fitting title ("Capture of Winterfell", "Fall of Winterfell", etc.).

In A Storm of Swords-Chapter 9 Jojen tells Meera "There was a battle at Winterfell, we saw the dead" and in A Dance with Dragons-Chapter 35 Stannis mentions "survivors from the battle outside the gates of Winterfell". In A Dance with Dragons-Chapter 41 Theon thinks "Ramsay had burned the stables when he sacked Winterfell". This current article can therefore be separated into two articles, "Battle of Winterfell" (part of Category:Battles) and "Sack of Winterfell" (part of Category:Events). If there happens to be another battle at Winterfell in future books, then articles could be titled "Battle of Winterfell (299)" and "Battle of Winterfell (300)". Nittanian 14:32, 4 September 2014 (UTC)