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Layout of a sept?

I have had ideas about how a sept's main room is arranged inside.

  • With the seven images around the outside facing inwards. That causes a problem: where does the door go? I thought of the sept room being 8-eided, and the 8th position is for the door. But GRRM says that removing the sept on the Iron Islands left a 7-sided foundation. With 7 corners, and an image at each corner, and the door in the middle of a side, that may crowd matters for the two images and their altars that the door is between.
    • Weddings: tend to attract big congregations, so the Father and the Mother would have to be together opposite the door, so that the door is behind the congregation as the sept fills.
  • With the seven images and their altars all together in the middle facing outwards. The Father and the Mother would likely face the entrance, for convenience during weddings. If so, use the central space between the Seven as a security lock-up for sacred valuables?, at least in a small sept that does not have plenty of side-rooms.
  • The Stranger: Well away from the Father and the Mother, to avoid it being disquietingly prominent during weddings. Next to the Warrior?, to remind people that war causes deaths. But by the rules of geometry, some or other two of the images must be next to the Stranger.

If the door is in one of the walls, you would be facing one of the corners when you come in, so if the images/statues are in the corners you would be facing a image/statue. I would imaging that is probably the Father since he is always named first in sum ups, and the Mother would then either be to the left or right of this but probably the left since women in the middle ages where seated to the left of there husband/table partner. The Maiden would most likely be next to the Mother based on daughters being placed there in the middle ages unless the had there own husband/table partner. As for they others no idea how they would be placed.