Alfyn Crowkiller

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Alfyn Crowkiller
Alfyn Crowkiller by henning.jpg

Alias Alfyn Crowkiller
Culture Free Folk
Died In 299 AC[1]Beyond the Wall[1]
Issue At least four sons[2][3]

Alfyn, also known as Alfyn Crowkiller, is an infamous wildling leader. He has at least four sons.[2][3]

Appearance and Character

Alfyn gets his name from his history of killing members of the Night's Watch.[1] He is one of the bloodiest of the wildling raiders.[1] Alfyn has at least four sons, a scrawny dark-haired boy of twelve[2] and three boys fathered on three different mothers, hostages of the Night's Watch.[3]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Mance Rayder sends Alfyn as a scout toward the Wall. As he is returning from his mission, Alfyn encounters Qhorin Halfhand and his rangers as they are on their way to the Fist of the First Men to join Lord Commander Jeor Mormont and his expedition. Alfyn is killed during the skirmish by Qhorin.[1][4][5]

A Dance with Dragons

Three of Alfyn's sons become hostages to the Night's Watch.[3]


Alfyn's member was a wee thing, even smaller than yours, but he was never shy with where he stuck it. Had a son in every village, that one.[3]