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This theory states that Sarella Sand has disguised herself as Alleras to study at the Citadel in Oldtown.

Supporting Evidence

Sarella/Alleras by onionjulius
  • Alleras is Sarella spelled backwards.
  • Sarella's mother is a Summer Islander ship captain,[1] and Alleras claims to have a Summer Islander trader for a mother.[2]
  • Sarella's father is Oberyn Martell, and Alleras claims to have a Dornishman for a father.[2]
  • Alleras has similar features to Oberyn Martell (black hair in a widow's peak, black eyes).[2]
  • Alleras says: "I am no lord's son."[2]
  • It is stated that Sarella loves Oldtown.[3]
  • Sarella has a reputation for insatiable curiosity and "pushing in where she [didn’t] belong".
    • When she traveled to Shandystone with Oberyn, Arianne Martell, and Tyene Sand, she "turned over rocks, brushed sand off the mosaics, and wanted to know everything there was to know about the people who had lived [there]."[4]
  • Alleras' remarkable skill with a bow[2] is consistent the knowledge that Oberyn trained all of his daughters with weapons.[5]
  • When Doran Martell rounds up the Sand Snakes to keep them from pursuing revenge for their father, Sarella is already out of Doran's sphere of influence, outside of Dorne, and he does not send men to pursue her.[3]
  • Samwell Tarly was told by Maester Aemon that "The Sphinx is the riddle, not the riddler."[6]
  • Alleras is described as a slim, slight, comely youth with slim arms and shoulders, which is how a woman disguised as a young man would appear.[2]


  • Is Sarella pursuing revenge for her father?
  • Why Oldtown? Does she truly intend to become a Maester?


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