Armond Caswell

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House Caswell.svg Lord
Armond Caswell
House Caswell.svg
Title Lord of Bitterbridge
Allegiance House Caswell
Culture Reach
Born Bitterbridge[1]
Died In 196212 AC
Issue Joffrey Caswell[2]
Book The Mystery Knight (mentioned)

Armond Caswell was the Lord of Bitterbridge and the head of House Caswell during the reign of King Daeron II Targaryen. He had at least one son, Lord Joffrey Caswell.[2]


Armond fought for the Targaryens during the First Blackfyre Rebellion. Ser Kyle claimed to have saved Lord Armond's life during the war.[2]


Last known title holder:
Ulf White
Lord of Bitterbridge Succeeded by