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Creighton Longbough
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Title Ser
Born In or between 240 AC and 249 AC[1]
Book(s) A Feast for Crows (appears)

Ser Creighton Longbough is a hedge knight. His coat of arms is a green field with a brown chief.[2] His traveling partner is Ser Illifer the Penniless.

Appearance & Character

Ser Creighton has a big belly that strains at the laces of his potted doeskin jerkin. He has a shaggy, untrimmed beard the colour of old gold that covers his cheeks and chin. He is nearsighted and squints on occasion. He is younger than Ser Illifer who is around sixty. He is courteous.[2]

He rides a swaybacked brown gelding with rheumy eyes, according to him his steed served him well enough in the Battle of the Blackwater. There is a deep gouge in his shield made by a battle-axe.[2]


Like most hedge knights he probably travels about the realm looking for gainful employment. He is poor.

According to Ser Creighton, he did great carnage on the Blackwater and won a dozen ransoms. He slew Ser Herbert Bolling where he stood. Later, he again tells Brienne of Tarth that he had slain a dozen fearsome knights (that she has never heard of) during the Battle of the Blackwater and fought an epic battle with the Knight of the Red Chicken.[2]

According to Ser Creighton singers sing of him and he is famous.

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Bound for Duskendale, while resting with his traveling partner, Ser Illifer the Penniless, they are come upon by Brienne of Tarth. Ser Creighton offers to share their trout and fire and escort her to Duskendale, as the roads are perilous. Ser Illifer then recognizes the arms of House Lothston and the hedge knights chastise her for bearing them. Ser Illifer also realizes that she is the Maid o’ Tarth, the one who opened Renly’s royal throat and says so to Ser Creighton.

Brienne hotly denies that she slew King Renly and after she swears most sincerely by the Seven that she did not kill him the hedge knights are satisfied, with Ser Creighton allowing that,

She swears well, for a maid.

They give her the first watch. Later when trying to fall asleep Brienne finds it difficult to sleep as the risk of rape is always there for a woman. When she wakes up the hedge knights are up and about, Ser Creighton is facing a tree having good long piss. It cheers Brienne to known that there are still decent men in the world.

They break their fast with Ser Creighton regaling her with his exploits at the Blackwater. He allows that Ser Illifer had fought nobly in the battle too.

When they resume their journey the hedge knights fall in on either side of Brienne, like guards protecting some great lady, though she dwarfs both of them and is better armed and armored in the nonce. Brienne thinks to herself that it feels good to have companions on the road, even such as these two.

On the road they come across large group of poor fellows with the bones of holy men bound for King's Landing and exchange words with them. Ser Creighton wonders what sort of a man would slay a holy septon. Brienne thinks to herself that she knows what sort.

Three hours later they come upon another party struggling towards Duskendale, a merchant named Hibald, his serving men and a hedge knight in Hibald’s employ, Ser Shadrich. Ser Creighton suggests riding together as three blades are better than one. Brienne thinks to herself, four blades but holds her tongue. Hibald agrees.

As night gathers the party comes upon the Old Stone Bridge inn. Ser Creighton owes Naggle, the innkeeper, seven silver stags.. Ser Creighton and Ser Illifer have no coin but Brienne offers to pay for the three of them. She pays the innkeeper for a room for herself and a second for her two companions. She orders goat for the hedge knights too since they had shared their trout with her.[2]

As they sup in the common room Brienne listens to some of the gossip but retires when it turns to Ser Jaime Lannister. As she lies awake in her room she hears Hibald mount the stairs, and sometime later the knights as well. Ser Creighton is again regaling someone with the tale of Knight of the Red Chicken as he goes by.

Once the inn is quiet Brienne gathers her things and heads out alone for Duskendale, asking a silent pardon of Ser Creighton and Ser Illifer as she mounts her bay mare.


I have the honour to be Ser Creighton, of whom the singers sing … you will have heard of my deeds on the Blackwater, mayhaps.[2]
- Ser Creighton, introducing himself to Brienne of Tarth.

A true knight must defend the gentler sex.
- Ser Creighton

A true knight is the only shield a maiden needs.
- Ser Creighton

A sword is only as good as the man who wields it.
- Ser Creighton

When swords clash, you shall ne’er find Ser Creighton Longbough to the rear.[2]
- Ser Creighton

As it happens, I fight as well with either hand.
- Ser Creighton, on fighting with his off hand.

I showed them a glimpse of my steel and told them to be along their way. Rough fellows, by the look o’ them, and desperate too, but ne’er so desperate as to trifle with Ser Creighton Longbough.
- Ser Creighton, regaling Brienne

What sort of a man would slay a holy septon?
- Ser Creighton. Brienne knows the sort

Quotes about Ser Creighton

If there was a song about Ser Creighton, it was not one Brienne had heard.[2]

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