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Creighton Longbough
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Alias Creigh
Title Ser
Culture Westeros
Born 240249 AC[1]
Personal arms A brown chief on green
(Vert, a chief brunâtre)
Book A Feast for Crows (appears)

Creighton Longbough is a hedge knight. His coat of arms is a green field with a brown chief.[3] His traveling partner is Ser Illifer the Penniless.[3]

Appearance and Character

Ser Creighton has a big belly that strains at the laces of his potted doeskin jerkin. He has a shaggy, untrimmed beard the color of old gold that covers his cheeks and chin. Creighton is nearsighted and squints on occasion. He is younger than Ser Illifer the Penniless, who is around sixty. The hedge knight rides a swaybacked brown gelding with rheumy eyes. There is a deep gouge in his shield made by a battle-axe.[3]

Creighton acts like a courteous man who strives to be a true knight. He is a follower of the Faith and is distrustful of the north.[3] Creighton is boastful, claiming to be able to fight either hand and that singers sing of his fame. However, Brienne Tarth and Ser Shadrich are skeptical of his prowess.[3]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

According to Creighton, he did great carnage in the Battle of the Blackwater and won a dozen ransoms. He claims to have slain Ser Herbert Bolling and eleven other fearsome knights during the battle, and to have fought an epic battle with the Knight of the Red Chicken. His steed served him well.[3]

While en route to Duskendale, Creighton and his companion, Ser Illifer the Penniless, are met by Brienne of Tarth. Creighton offers to share their trout and fire with her and insists upon escorting her to Duskendale. During the night, Creighton warns away six armed men. The next morning, as they break their fast, Creighton regales Brienne with his exploits at the Blackwater.[3]

Creighton and Illifer continue on to Duskendale with Brienne. They come upon a merchant named Hibald, his serving men, and a hedge knight in his employ, Ser Shadrich, all heading in the same direction. Creighton suggests riding together as three blades are better than one, to which Hibald agrees.[3]

As night gathers the party comes upon the Old Stone Bridge, where Creighton owes seven silver stags to the innkeeper, Naggle. When Creighton and Illifer have no coin, Brienne offers to pay for a room for the two men, and buys them goat to eat. After Creighton and the others have gone to bed and the inn is quiet, Brienne gathers her things and rides out alone for Duskendale, asking a silent pardon of the hedge knights.[3]

Quotes by Creighton

I have the honor to be Ser Creighton, of whom the singers sing ... you will have heard of my deeds on the Blackwater, mayhaps.[3]

—Creighton to Brienne Tarth

A sword is only as good as the man who wields it.[3]

—Creighton to Brienne Tarth

When swords clash, you shall ne'er find Ser Creighton Longbough to the rear.[3]

—Creighton to Brienne Tarth

Hibald: As to portly knights, it is hard for any honest man to keep his belly round when so many lack for food ... though your Ser Creighton has not hungered, it would seem.
Creighton: I have big bones.[3]

Hibald and Creighton

Quotes about Creighton

If there was a song about Ser Creighton, it was not one Brienne had heard.[3]

—thoughts of Brienne Tarth