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Allegiance House Osgrey
Culture Reach
Died 209 AC[1]
Book The Sworn Sword (mentioned)

Dake was a peasant who served House Osgrey.[1]


After being trained by Ser Eustace Osgrey's sons with other peasants, Dake went off to fight for House Osgrey during the Blackfyre Rebellion. Eustace considered him an expert forager, and Dake was able enough to provide for the whole group as they marched. He was one of only four men who came back, the others being Eustace Osgrey, Pate and Lem.[1]

Years later, he was accused of stealing sheep by members of House Webber, whose lands bordered House Osgrey's. Lady Rohanne Webber sent her knights across the Chequy Water to seize Dake and bring him to Coldmoat for punishment. When Eustace Osgrey arrived at Coldmoat to demand his release, he learned that Dake had been sewn into a sack with rocks, which was sunk in the moat of Coldmoat.[1]