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Danny, by zephyrante

Culture Northmen

Danny Flint was a girl from House Flint who dressed up as a boy to become a member of the Night's Watch.[1]


Danny was raped and murdered at the Nightfort. She is remembered for being brave and young.[2] "Brave Danny Flint" is a sad and pretty song written about her. In some versions of the song her ghost still walks the Nightfort.[1]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

Upon arriving at the Nightfort with his companions, Bran Stark recalls the tale of what happened to Danny Flint.[2]

A Dance with Dragons

In Winterfell, during the wedding banquet held in honour of Ramsay Bolton to "Arya Stark", Lord Wyman Manderly requests a song about brave young Danny Flint to make everyone weep.[3]

As three thousand wildlings pass the Wall at Castle Black, Lord Commander Jon Snow notices that two of the boy hostages are girls in disguise. Jon asks Tormund Giantsbane if Mance Rayder ever sang a song about Danny Flint. Tormund says he does not think so and asks who he was. Jon tells him about Danny, saying that her song is sad and pretty but what happened to her was not.[1]


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