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Daughter of the captain of the Myraham

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daughter of the captain of the Myraham
Alias daughter of the captain of the Myraham

The daughter of the captain of the Myraham is Theon Greyjoy’s bedmate during his journey back to the Iron Islands. Her father is the captain of the Myraham out of Oldtown. Her true name is never mentioned.



She has fine dark hair and heavy breasts. She is a shade plump for Theon’s taste. Her skin is as splotchy as oatmeal. Theon thinks she looks stupid when she smiles.

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

During his journey from Seagard to Lordsport Theon Greyjoy sails on the Myraham. The captain's cabin is turned over to Theon for the duration of his journey. Unlike the cabin, the captain’s daughter is not turned over for his use, but she comes to Theon willingly enough. She is a maiden the first time he takes her which surprises him given her age.

Theon is amused at her father's stifled disapproval and his struggle to swallow his outrage while performing his courtesies to him. The captain’s daughter falls in love with Theon and offers to become his salt wife but Theon tells her his place is at Pyke and hers is on the Myraham.

Before he leaves she again asks Theon to take her ashore with him as her father is going punish her for sleeping with Theon. Theon tells her to tell her father that he should be pleased and that she could be pregnant due to the number of times they have been intimate. He tells her that not every man has the honour of raising a king’s bastard.[1]

As Theon is disembarking the captain’s daughter brings his pack of clothing, and to Theon's mortification tries to embrace him, but he turns deftly aside. She tells him that she loves him, Theon replies that he must go and hurries after his uncle, Aeron Greyjoy.

References and Notes

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