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The Plaza of Pride harpy in Astapor. © Fantasy Flight Games
The harpy of Astapor (TV series) © HBO
Ghis emblem

The harpy is a legendary female monster which has a woman's torso, the wings of a bat instead of arms, the legs of an eagle, and a scorpion's curled and venomous tail.

The harpy of symbol

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The harpy is the symbol of the Old Ghiscari Empire and is as synonymous with the Ghiscari as the dragon is with the Valyrians. The harpy symbol still endures in Slaver's Bay. Many plazas in the cities of Slaver's Bay are dominated by huge bronze harpy statues.


Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

Outside of Meereen Daenerys Targaryen observes a towering bronze harpy at the top of the Great Pyramid. When he sees it, Daenerys's sellsword Daario Naharis declares that the harpy is a craven thing. [2] After the city is conquered Daenerys has the harpy torn down.[citation needed]

A Dance with Dragons

In Meereen the Sons of the Harpy emerge and use the symbol of the harpy as thier calling card.[citation needed]

During one of Daenerys Targaryen's audiences in the Great Pyramid a sculptor comes, he proposes to replace the head of the great bronze harpy in the Plaza of Purification with one cast in Daenerys's image. Daenerys denies him with as much courtesy as she can muster.[citation needed]Drogon takes to basking in the sun at the apex of the Great Pyramid where the harpy of Meereen once stood. When attempting to capture him Daenerys's men try three times to take him at the apex and three times they fail.[citation needed]


We are the sons of the harpy.[1]
Kraznys mo Nakloz

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