Johanna Swann

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Johanna Swann
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Alias The Black Swan
Allegiance House Swann
Book(s) The Rogue Prince (mentioned)

Lady Johanna Swann was a niece of the Lord of Stonehelm in the early second century who became an influential courtesan known as the Black Swan in Lys.


After driving pirates from the Stepstones in the late first century, the Triarchy became gradually greedier with their tolls for passage, with the Lyseni captains even taking women, girls, and comely boys to turn into bedslaves. When fifteen years old, Johanna was thus enslaved, and her niggardly uncle Lord Swann refused to pay the ransom. Johanna became a celebrated courtesan known as the Black Swan, and was eventually ruler of Lys in all but name.[1]


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