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House Swann.svgJohanna Swann
the Black Swan
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Lady Johanna, the Black Swan by viscardiac.png
Johanna Swann, by viscardiac ©

Alias The Black Swan[1]
Allegiance House Swann
Culture Marcher
Born 8194 AC[2]

Johanna Swann, known as the Black Swan, was a noblewoman from House Swann during the reign of kings Jaehaerys I, Viserys I, Aegon II, and Aegon III Targaryen. She became an influential courtesan in Lys.


After driving pirates from the Stepstones in 96 AC, the Triarchy gradually became greedier with their tolls for passage. Along with money, Lysene captains also began taking women, girls, and boys to turn into slaves for their pillow houses. Johanna was enslaved when she was fifteen, but her stingy uncle, Lord Swann, refused to ransom her. After being sold to a pillow house, Johanna became a celebrated courtesan known as the Black Swan, the eventual ruler of Lys in all but name.[1]

In 131 AC the Lysene admiral Sharako Lohar was slain by a rival in competition for Johanna's affections. Since he had been blamed by Myrmen and Tyroshi for the disastrous Battle of the Gullet in the previous year, Sharako's death was initially viewed by Lyseni as a political murder orchestrated by the Myrish. The Triarchy collapsed into the Daughters' War.[3] Johanna's fate is unknown.


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