Kojja Mo

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Kojja Mo
Kojja Mo by eliyadoodles.png

Culture Summer Isles
Born Summer Isles[1]
Father Quhuru Mo
Book A Feast for Crows (appears)

Kojja Mo is the daughter of Quhuru Mo, the captain of the Cinnamon Wind.

Appearance and Character

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Kojja is slender with smooth skin, as black as polished jet. She has extremely white teeth.[2] Kojja captains the Cinnamon Wind's red archers, and is an expert marksman with her double-curved goldenheart bow. She is able to speak at least the Summer and Common Tongues.[2]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Kojja serves as the translator for the crew of the Cinnamon Wind while Samwell Tarly and Maester Aemon and Gilly travel aboard the ship. While Gilly is initially afraid of Kojja's appearance due to her sheltered upbringing, she soon discovers she is a good person and trusts her with the baby. Kojja loves to bounce him upon her knee and sing to him in the Summer Tongue.[2]

Kojja shoots a dozen pirates who try to board the Cinnamon Wind near the Stepstones on their journey to Oldtown. At Maester Aemon's funeral aboard the ship, Kojja translates Sam's eulogy for the rest of the crew.[2]

After the funeral, Kojja takes care of the baby while Gilly and Sam have sex. Afterwards, Sam avoids Gilly over the shame of breaking his Night's Watch vows, until Kojja Mo confronts him and threatens to put him off the ship unless he goes to Gilly. Kojja tells Sam that he honored the dead and the gods with their lovemaking, and that Gilly is aware she cannot marry him but only wants his companionship for a time.[2]

As the Cinnamon Wind travels through the Redwyne Straits, Kojja Mo has her archers shoot at an ironborn longship that approaches the ship, and it veers away. When they approach Oldtown, the captain of the Huntress boards the ship with six knights and asks to inspect the holds. Quhuru Mo confers with his daughter before allowing them to do so. When Sam leaves the ship at Oldtown, Kojja tells him that they will stay in port as long as necessary to sell their cargo and restock, but that Gilly can stay aboard as long as she likes.[3]


All you Westerosi make a shame of loving. There is no shame in loving. If your septons say there is, your seven gods must be demons. In the isles we know better. Our gods gave us legs to run with, noses to smell with, hands to touch and feel. What mad cruel god would give a man eyes and tell him he must forever keep them shut, and never look at all the beauty in the world? Only a monster god, a demon of the darkness.[2]

—Kojja Mo, to Samwell Tarly

She knows the words you said. She is a child in some ways, but she is not blind. She knows why you wear the black, why you go to Oldtown. She knows she cannot keep you. She wants you for a little while, is all. She lost her father and her husband, her mother and her sisters, her home, her world. All she has is you, and the babe. So you go to her, or swim.[2]

—Kojja Mo, to Samwell Tarly