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The Lazy Eel is an unsavory winesink in White Harbor.[1]


The route to the Lazy Eel takes its patrons past the Seal Gate through to the cobbled square called Fishfoot Yard. The Eel is located down a flight of steps, underneath a warehouse full of sheepskins.


Back in Davos's smuggling days, the Eel had been renowned for offering the oldest whores and vilest wine in White Harbor, along with meat pies full of lard and gristle that were inedible to eat on their best days and poisonous on their worst.

Most locals shunned the place, leaving it for sailors who did not know any better. City guardsmen and customs officers were never seen down in the Lazy Eel. Not much has changed.[1]


The ceiling is barrel vaulted and stained black with soot. The floor is hard-packed earth. The air smells of smoke and spoiled meat and stale vomit. The cellar is large, full of nooks and shadowed alcoves where a man can be alone if he so desires. There is a hearth.

Recent Events

Dance with Dragons

Davos Seaworth goes to the Lazy Eel to try and catch up on tidings concerning White Harbor and beyond. Amongst the patrons various their talk turns to the Targaryens and the Mad King's daughter, none of the patrons are sure what the name of the princess was. Davos mentions that her name was Daenerys and that he doesn’t know what became of her. A Braavosi oarsman immediately says he does know what became of her, and recounts a (true) tale he heard in Pentos from the captain's steward of the Sloe-Eyed Maid.[1] In Qarth, Daenerys Targaryen did try to gain passage on the Sloe-Eyed Maid, but the captain rejected her.[2]

Behind the Scenes

The winesink is a reference to the inn in George R. R. Martin's short story A Night at the Tarn House, where hissing eels and meat pies full of lard, gristle and grey meat are served.