Urrathon IV Goodbrother

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House Goodbrother.svg King
Goodbrother IV Goodbrother
House Goodbrother.svg
Full name Urrathon Goodbrother, Fourth of His Name Since the Grey King
Title High King of the Iron Islands
Predecessor Urragon III Greyiron
Successor Torgon Greyiron
Personal Information
Alias Badbrother
Dynasty House Goodbrother

Urrathon IV Goodbrother,[N 1] also known as Badbrother, was a High King of the Iron Islands who ruled during the Age of Heroes.


Urrathon was mean and savagely cruel.[1][2]


When King Urragon III Greyiron died, a kingsmoot was called by his family while one of the king's sons, Torgon Greyiron, was raiding the Mander. The king's younger sons were hoping that one of them would be elected king, but the ironborn chose Urrathon Goodbrother instead. Urrathon IV's first act was to have all of the late king's sons at the kingsmoot executed. Thus Urrathon became known as "Badbrother".[1]

Urrathon ruled for two years and made many enemies due to his cruelty. Torgon, the only surviving son of the previous king, returned to the Iron Islands and declared the kingsmoot decision unlawful as he had not been present to put forth his claim as was his right. The priests, people and captains agreed and Urrathon was put down and hacked to pieces by his own captains. Torgon the Latecomer succeeded Badbrother as king.[1][2]


The first thing the new king did was command that all the sons of the old king be put to death, and so they were. After that men called him Badbrother, though in truth they'd been no kin of his.[1]


  1. In A Dance with Dragons, The Wayward Bride, he is called Urragon Goodbrother, whereas The World of Ice & Fire calls him Urrathon Goodbrother (The World of Ice & Fire, The Iron Islands: Driftwood Crowns). It has been suggested to change the spelling in A Dance with Dragon instead of The World of Ice & Fire, making Urrathon the correct spelling (A Forum of Ice and Fire: The ASOIAF wiki thread (November 20, 2017)).


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