Will Cole

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Will Cole TheMico.jpg
Will, by The Mico

Title Serjeant
Allegiance Golden Company
Book A Dance with Dragons (appears)

Will Cole is a sellsword in service to the Golden Company. As a serjeant, he is a high-ranking officer.[1]


He wears his worldly wealth upon his person and a lord’s ransom in golden arms rings.[2]


He is a Westerosi exile. His surname Cole is of a house that was once prominent in the histories of the Seven Kingdoms. He may or may not be of House Cole, as in the free companies a man can call himself whatever he chooses.[2] He might be related to another serjeant in the company, Dick Cole.[2]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Will is present during Jon Connington’s rendezvous with the Golden Company three miles south of Volon Therys.[2]

Like the rest of the company, he swears his allegiance to Aegon Targaryen before they invade Westeros.