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  • Zhea the Barren
  • Zhea Zorseface
  • Zhea the Cruel
Title Jhattar
Race Jogos Nhai
Culture Jogos Nhai
Book The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Zhea, also known as Zhea the Barren, Zhea the Cruel, and Zhea Zorseface, was the first jhattar of the Jogos Nhai.


Zhea was described to have been cunning.[1]


Zhea was a woman of the Jogos Nhai who chose the life of a male warrior. When a thousand rivals unified to fight against the massive army of Lo Bu, the God-Emperor of the Golden Empire of Yi Ti which threatened the hunt down the Jogos Nhai into extinction, they raised up Zhea as a jhattar. When Lo Bu divided his massive armies into thirteen hosts, Zhea isolated each of the emperor's armies, slaying their scouts and foragers, starving them, denying them water, leading them into wastelands and traps, and so each of the YiTish armies was destroyed. Finally his riders descended on Lo Bu's own host. Lo Bu's severed head was presented to Zhea, who commanded that the flesh be stripped from the bone and his skull be dipped in gold and made into his drinking cup, which has passed from jhattar to jhattar through generations. To this day, Zhea is remembered in the Golden Empire, where mothers whisper his name to frighten unruly children into obedience.[1]


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