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The Golden Empire of Yi Ti is a realm located in the eponymous region of the Further East of Essos. It is the supposed successor to the mythic Great Empire of the Dawn, which, according to legend, fell during the Long Night. It is ruled by a God-Emperor, who is worshiped as divine, though in the present day the God-Emperor has little actual power beyond the limits of the capital city.[1]


Throughout the centuries, the capital Golden Empire has constantly moved as dynasties rose and fell. The grey, indigo and pearl-white emperors ruled from Yin, on the shores of the Jade Sea, whereas the scarlet emperors raised the now fallen city of Si Qo in the heart of the jungle; meanwhile, the purple emperors chose Tiqui, whilst the maroon emperors kept court at Jinqi, to better guard their borders against reavers from the Shadow Lands.[1]

The current capital is Yin, where the seventeenth azure emperor Bu Gai keeps his court. Yet, a sorcerer lord who claims to be the sixty-ninth yellow emperor claims the throne from his seat at the city of Carcosa on the Hidden Sea, beyond the limits of the Empire. And more recently, a general named Pol Qo has named himself first of the orange emperors, with the city called Trader Town as his capital.[1]



Since its origins in the wake of the Long Night to the present, eleven dynasties have ruled over the Empire. Some lasted no more than half a century, whereas others endured for seven hundred years. Some gave way to others peacefully, others in war; and on four ocassions, the end of a dynasty was followed by a period of anarchy and lawlessness when warlords and petty kings warred for supremacy, with the longest of these interregnums lasting more than a century.[1]

The Empire lives in a constant state of war against the Jogos Nhai, with many an imperial general and three God-Emperors having led armies across the plains to bring the nomads to heel, but such attempts seldom ended well and eventually the Jogos Nhai raids began anew, even when emperors compelled handfuls of jhats to vow them eternal fealty, as Jogos Nhai tended to flee rather than face armies in battle.[2]

During his long reign, forty-second scarlet emperor Lo Han led three such invasions of the plains, yet by the time of his death the Jogos Nhai carried out bolder and more rapacious raids than when he began his reign. His successor, Lo Bu determined to end the threat of the nomads for all time. He assembled a mighty host, said to be three hundred thousand strong, and crossed the borders of the empire with slaughter as his only purpose. Tributes, hostages, oaths of fealty, or offerings of peace failed to sway him and his vast army swept the plains, leaving behind a burning wasteland.[2]

When the nomads resorted to their traditional tactic of melting away at the approach of the army, Lo Bu divided his host into thirteen smaller armies and sent them forth in all directions to hunt down the zorse-riders. History tells a million Jogos Nhai died at their hands.[2]

The rival clans of Jogos Nhai unified under jhattar Zhea, who, in a period of two years isolated each of Lo Bu's thirteen armies, slew their scouts and foragers, starved them, denied them water, led them into wastelands and traps, thus destroying each army one by one. Finally, her riders fell on Lo Bu's own host and carried out a slaughter so terrible that every stream for twenty leagues around was choked in blood. Among the slain was Lo Bu himself, whose skull was stripped of flesh and dipped in gold, becoming Zhea's drinking cup.[2]


Dynasty Family name Known rulers Capital
Grey Har Har Loi, 1st grey emperor Yin
Indigo Choq Choq Choq, 15th and last indigo emperor Yin
Jade green Mengo Mengo Quen, 3rd jade-green emperor  
Scarlet Lo Lo Tho, 22nd scarlet emperor Si Qo
Lo Doq, 34th scarlet emperor
Lo Han, 42nd scarlet emperor
Lo Bu, 43rd and last scarlet emperor
Pearl white   Nine Eunuchs Yin
Sea green Jar Jar Har, 6th sea-green emperor  
Jar Joq, 7th sea-green emperor
Jar Han, 8th sea-green emperor
Purple     Tiqui
Maroon     Jinqi
Yellow Chai Chai Duq, 4th yellow emperor  
The sorcerer lord of Carcosa, rival claimant to the throne as 69th yellow emperor
Azure Bu Bu Gai, 17th and current azure emperor Yin
Orange Pol Pol Qo, rival claimant to the throne Trader Town


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