A Storm of Swords-Chapter 77

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Tyrion XI
A Storm of Swords chapter
POV Tyrion
Place King's Landing
Page 871 UK HC (Other versions)
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A Dance with Dragons
Tyrion I


Tyrion, locked in the black cells beneath the Red Keep, is rescued by Jaime. His brother tells him that he is to be beheaded on the morrow, and informs him that he coerced Varys into helping him charter a ship to take Tyrion from King's Landing. When Jaime tells him that the rescue was a debt he owed him, Tyrion presses his brother, and learns that Tysha was not a whore, but a crofter’s daughter, just as she appeared. Lord Tywin had forced Jaime all those years ago to lie about Tysha so as to teach Tyrion a lesson. Tyrion is infuriated that his brother never told him the truth, and punches Jaime in the face. Tyrion warns him that he will exact revenge against him, their father, and Cersei, as a Lannister always pays his debts. Jaime then asks if Tyrion poisoned Joffrey and, lying in his anger, Tyrion admits to doing so. He also tells Jaime that Cersei is sleeping with Lancel and Ser Osmund and perhaps others, and that Joffrey would have been a monster worse than Aerys if he remained king.

Tyrion preparing to confront Tywin, by Sidharth Chaturvedi © Fantasy Flight Games

Tyrion stalks off without a further word, and confronts Varys for his betrayal. The eunuch concedes that he cannot find a trace of Sansa, then leads him deeper down, to the fourth level where Maegor had built torture chambers. When they come to a circular tower chamber with a ladder leading up, Tyrion realizes it leads up to the Tower of the Hand. Commanding Varys to wait for him, Tyrion ascends the wickedly high ladder. It leads to a secret passage behind the rooms in the Tower, perfect for Varys’ "little birds" to overhear everything going on in the Hand’s quarters. He opens the secret door to his old chamber, and finds Shae naked in his father’s bed, with the Hand’s chain of office around her neck. The whore pleads that the Queen made her say all those things against him in court, but Tyrion strangles her with the chain he once wore. Grabbing a crossbow off the wall, he finds his father in the privy. Tywin commands him to put down the crossbow, promising that he had no intention of carrying out the sentence, and would allow Tyrion to take the black. Disbelieving his father, Tyrion questions him as to what became of Tysha. Lord Tywin reveals he did not have her killed, and doesn't know exactly what became of her. Tywin says he supposed the steward sent the "whore" on her way. Tyrion then asks where the steward might have sent her and Lord Tywin replies "Wherever whores go". Tyrion fires the crossbow sending the bolt into his father’s pelvis, killing Lord Tywin.

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